10th Annual North Coast Surf & Beach Festival

Saturday, September 28th 2019


TIME: 9am to 4pm

LOCATION: Jacksonville Beach



If you have a child or children with autism or related disability and would like them to participate in the event surfing activities you may submit a Surfer Participation Request (SPR) here.


We’re looking for both experienced surfers and non surfers to help teach these wonderful children the zen art of surfing. We’ll keep you hydrated, fed, put you in a raffle to win a custom surfboard and pay you $0.00/hour.  But that’s okay because money can’t buy the immense joy received from volunteering at an SFA Surfing Festival.

Click here to volunteer for this event!

Important Reminder

If you have a child or children who will be Participating or you are Volunteering for this event, please take a moment to submit your Waiver and Release of Liability.

  • Due to SFA management change, waivers submitted prior to 2019 are no longer.
  • Only one waiver is required per family and is valid for all future SFA events.
  • Participation in any SFA event or activity is forbidden without a waiver.
  • If you arrive at an SFA event without having submitted your waiver, you will be required to submit the waiver and check-in after everyone has checked-in.

You can find the waiver here.