11th Annual Space Coast Surf & Beach Festival

Saturday, June 22nd 2019


TIME: 9am to 4pm

LOCATION: Cocoa Beach



If you have a child or children with autism or related disability and would like them to participate in the event surfing activities you may submit a Surfer Participation Request (SPR) here.


Volunteers are what makes the surfing events possible.  If you would like to volunteer please register here.

Important Reminder

If you have a child or children who will be Participating or you are Volunteering for this event, please take a moment to submit your Waiver and Release of Liability.

  • Due to SFA management change, waivers submitted prior to 2019 are no longer.
  • Only one waiver is required per family and is valid for all future SFA events.
  • Participation in any SFA event or activity is forbidden without a waiver.
  • If you arrive at an SFA event without having submitted your waiver, you will be required to submit the waiver and check-in after everyone has checked-in.

You can find the waiver here.